Freight and Logistics

We'll help you with your freight and logistics needs to ensure products arrive at your company's' door in a timely manner.   

Company Structure

We'll help you decide what the best organization plan is for you and your company.



ICD America provides alternative distribution and supply channels for suppliers and customers maintaining the highest standards of service and reliability, while providing competitive terms and conditions. We can help our suppliers gain access to alternative markets and customer access to alternative supply. ICD Provides quality materials at competitive prices, excellent services in freight and logistics and financing solutions for customers. 






ICD America is an international wholesaler with exclusive concessions to supply and distribute synthetic resins, and selective chemicals worldwide. ICD is committed to expand as an international trading enterprise. ICD experience and expertise in buying and distributing commodity or specialty resins can assist producers reach new markets, and customers in sourcing new channels of supply.

Purchasing planning

Implementing strategic purchasing and purchasing management have a positive impact on your company's financial performance. 


We'll help you and your company find the best financial tools for your purchase needs.  

ICD America is a wholesaler, distributor of polymers and selective chemicals worldwide.

ICD America  has targeted customers with emphasize in Central and South America, China, and Turkey among other emerging countries. Still, before entering any new market ICD will plan its condition; competitive supply sources, establishing local presence to service both customer and supplier, resources required to compete effectively.