ICD America is an international wholesaler that distributes a complete line of synthetic resins and chemicals, serving the different needs of the market. We have been serving the plastics industry since 1952, wherewith our experience and our innovative and high-quality logistics resources, accompanied by our excellent customer service, guarantee excellence in our services. Based on our excellent relationships with the best plastic resin producers worldwide, we provide our customers with quality raw materials. Our wide range of products includes PET, Polypropylene, PVC, Polyethylene, and Polystyrene, among others.





  • EXPERIENCE: Our Management Team offers you more than 50 years of combined and diversified experience in the plastics industry.
  • FREE ADVICE: Free and non-mandatory advice to discuss your business needs.
  • WE WORK FAST: Information on documentation the same day, usually within 2 hours after the request is made.
  • OUR TALENT: We pride ourselves on our expertise in logistics and international transportation; we work detail-oriented and in our customer service.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICES: We offer you competitive prices and terms that allow you to achieve your business goals.
  • BY YOUR SIDE: we have professional Agents in many countries, we make sure that we are always by your side to help you.
  • FINANCING: We have attractive financing plans for your business to function normally; we are motivated to help you grow as a business.



Delivering materials to provide solutions for modern living.


To be the world's leading company in the distribution of essential polymers for the plastics industry and any other service required by our distinguished clientele and suppliers; for this, we focus on innovation in all our logistics processes to always provide a service with excellence. Our human talent is 100% committed to providing excellent customer service, where efficiency and professionalism are the main ingredients that motivate us every day to meet our business goals.


Corporate Values